Website Maintenance & Marketing

Regular website maintenance is important to keep a site fresh and working well.

There are quite a range of activities we can carry out that will help your website:

  • Backups of files and database – stored securely.
  • Updates of applications, plugins and frameworks.
  • Changes to content – edits, additions and deletions.
  • Fixing broken links and other technical problems.
  • Analysis of analytics reports to see how people are using the site.
  • Using Google Webmaster tools to check that the site is being found.
  • Creation and delivery of email marketing, including follow up reports.
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) integration to share and engage.

Just like a garden, regular maintenance of a website keeps it under control and will let it bloom.

Whether you are looking for a new website, or have an existing website that is past its best we can help.

How much does help cost?

Pay-As-You-Go Support

Ideal for occasional tasks.

Let us know what you need doing and we will complete the work, time how long it takes and then send you a bill!

£50 an hour

Monthly Retainer

If you want us to do a few set tasks each month then a monthly scheme is ideal.

How much…
  • Light Help (3 – 5 hours a month) – £40 an hour.
  • Regular Help (6 – 10 hours a month) – £37.50 an hour
  • Loads of Help (over 11 hours a month) – £35 an hour

Invoiced at the start of each month. Three Month Minimum Contract.


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